Who We Are

We’re committed to the conversation.

We use the power of Google.com, and their 11.9 billion searches per month, to guide teens and young adults searching for hope to our web site so we can listen to what they’€™re going through. At RemedyLIVE we believe that ALL people have been created with value and need to know that they’re not alone in the struggle they face.

To better see how your life can be lived the best way possible, you must share the struggle you’re in. At RemedyLIVE we believe that a meaningful conversation allows a person to unpack the secrets of their inner struggle and find hope through knowing someone cares.

By sharing your life with a SoulMedic through our chat software, we believe you can begin to see and understand that your life has a greater purpose – that you are not an accident, and that you were created for something larger than the mistakes you’ve made. In fact, your mistakes, pain and struggle are indicators that you’re like everyone else on this planet. You just need to know there is hope in something bigger than your struggle!


The one thing you must do while visiting RemedyLIVE is to chat with a SoulMedic! These amazing people, available 24/7, are committed to chatting with you, listening to what you’re going through, and loving you with the hope of God. To learn more about our SoulMedics visit www.soulmedicmedia.com.

On the home page look for the “CHAT NOW WITH A SOULMEDIC” button, and have a conversation with a trained SoulMedic about what you’re going through right now. More of a texter? If you live in the United States you can text the word REMEDY to the number 494949 and have an anonymous conversation with a SoulMedic directly from your mobile phone. This is a free service to you, however you may be charged by your carrier if you don’t have unlimited texting. Available only in the United States. You must be at least 13 years of age to chat with a SoulMedic. If you have any questions about RemedyLIVE or your online account please email us at support@remedylive.com.

We’re RemedyLIVE – we chat, we listen, and we love.

  • Clinton Faupel, Co-founder/ Executive Director, RemedyLIVE


Inclusion Policy

As a Christian organization we believe that asking questions and listening to our client’€™s story, through a technological chat conversation, builds a bridge of trust and truly extends God’€™s love for all young people, regardless of gender identity, race, sexual orientation, or religion. We believe God is sovereign over technology and uses it to connect hurting people with hope.

To learn more about our mission statement, our Board of Directors, or our core values please click here.