Have an event that you’d like RemedyLIVE to partner with? Thanks for Thinking of us!

Here’s a few things to consider:

1. Does your event have a budget? 

We need to be good stewards of the funds we’ve been entrusted with by our donor base to fulfill our chat mission through teens that visit our website. Events outside of the chat mission have not been budgeted for.

2. How do you see RemedyLIVE partnering with your event?

In the past RemedyLIVE was Remedy.fm – an internet radio station for teens. Since 2011 we have focussed our mission on chat interaction with teens who visit our site – check out our mission here. We no longer broadcast from events or provide DJs for events where music is needed.

3. Are you looking for a speaker/presenter for your event?

Have Clinton Faupel speak at your next event! As RemedyLIVE’s co-founder, Clinton is available to speak at the following types of events:

  • youth events (middle school/high school/camps/retreats)

  • parenting events (tech workshops, mental health, training, marriage seminars, Q&A)

  • school assemblies (suicide prevention, bullying prevention)

  • youth culture seminars (trends, data, perspective)

  • church services

4. How long is your event?

If your event is less than two hours you can book it directly by clicking here. If it it longer that 2 hours, or a multi-day event please click here.